Hanging Halloween Decorations Without Damaging Your Siding

Halloween DecorationsOne of the best things about Halloween is the fun, spooky decor. Jack-o-lanterns, black cats, plastic skeletons, the scarier, the better. Sadly, some homeowners dread this holiday because of fears that it might damage their siding. Never fear. Here are the top two tips from St. Louis roofing and exterior experts on how to hang Halloween decorations without scratching your siding.


Vinyl Siding Clips

If your home has traditional lap siding, you can buy vinyl siding clips from your local hardware store. Vinyl siding clips are flat strips of aluminum bent into a soft J” shape, with a small crook at the top. The crook is designed to be wiggled into the gaps between the siding boards and will hold light items such as plastic or paper-mâché heads.


These clips can also be used on lap siding made from other materials, like fiber cement siding. Roofing and exterior contractors recommend not using force to install or remove them, as the paint or factory-applied finish may get damaged.


Double-Sided Tape

Manufacturers like 3M sell easy-to-remove double-sided tape that can be cleanly removed by using a hairdryer. A word of caution: you may want to avoid using double-sided tape on painted surfaces, as it can cause damage. However, if your siding is up for repainting after Halloween anyway, just go wild and have fun with the spooky decor.