How Bad Weather Impacts Your St. Louis Roofing and Exteriors

Bad WeatherHere in Missouri, Mother Nature is often friendly to us. However, she does have a darker side and can be brutal to our St. Louis roofing and exteriors. Whether it’s a result of high wind, rain, ice, or snow, bad weather in our area can have a negative effect on the look and function of your property. Take a minute to learn about the various ways that the elements can damage your home.


Subsidence – Homes can begin to sink as a result of changing moisture levels in the ground. Extended wet or dry periods can result in the ground shrinking or swelling, thereby damaging the structure and foundation of your home.


Snowfall – Snow is a lot heavier than we expect. Dense snowfall can crack your gutters, wear down your roof, and even creep through your ceilings and walls when it begins to melt.


Flooding – Extensive rainfall can be a serious problem if your home is prone to floods. Reach out to the experts to avoid structural damage, dampness, and mold-related to flooding.


Frozen Pipes – A quick cold snap can cause your home’s pipes to freeze, often leading to burst pipes that are expensive to fix. Preparing your home for colder weather is essential to avoid the perils of a nasty winter.


When it comes to avoiding costly damages, knowing how inclement weather can affect your St. Louis roofing and exteriors is half the battle. The other half is trusting your home to the professionals.