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How to Ventilate Solid Wood Soffits

Do you have an older home with solid wood soffits and fascia? While they look great as accents, it is essential to ensure they give adequate ventilation for your attic space. The last thing you want is for hot, damp air to become trapped in your attic. Keep your building comfortable and clean by ventilating your soffit and fascia in St. Louis, MO.

Ventilating solid wood soffits can be tricky for inexperienced homeowners. You will need specialized tools to get the job done right, so it is best to work with a professional. Furthermore, you will be working on a high, overhead surface, so do not attempt it if you do not have the right strength and mobility.

The first step is to determine where to drill holes in your soffits. Begin by inspecting the attic’s interior and finding the gap between the roof deck’s underside and the top of the outside bearing wall’s framing. The gap should allow air to move from your soffit’s vents into your attic.

Next, measure your soffit’s dimensions to determine where to drill the vent holes. You should be drilling only the wood soffit and not the framing. You will then install another soffit layer over the drilled one, starting with a j-channel around the leading edge of the space you are working on. Finally, you will be ready to install the soffit panels themselves. For further details on the ventilation process, talk to a roofing expert.

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