Self Inspection Tips from Your Commercial Roofing Contractors in St. Louis, MO

If you’re a facility manager, then you know the importance of roof inspections, but we all like to save money whenever possible. Many facility managers are quite experienced when it comes to building maintenance, so you may ask yourself, “Can I do the roof inspection myself and then contact commercial roofing contractors in St Louis, MI if I need to?

The answer is that it depends on the type of inspection. If you merely want to take a quick look at the roof and remove any obvious debris, go ahead. However, when you do so, here are three crucial points to keep in mind.

Safety Hazards

There are many potential dangers in accessing a commercial roof. Be mindful of skylights, compromised areas, and getting too close to the building perimeter. Always follow roof safety best practices.

Missing Small Problems Before They Become Serious

Commercial roofing contractors will tell you that removing debris, unclogging drains, and looking for obvious damage after a weather event is all best left to professionals. You should rely on a trained expert to identify smaller problem areas and to address them before they cause major problems.

Voiding Warranties

Performing any minor roof repairs yourself might void a current warranty. The terms and conditions on roof warranties often specify who is allowed to perform repairs and/or what materials can be used.