Signs it’s Time for a New Commercial Roof in St. Louis

The state of your commercial roof is something that you need to keep a close eye on. Major problems with your roof could spell disaster, or even the end, for your business. You could lose expensive equipment or experience a lot of business downtime due to an unexpected roofing failure. So, its good business to keep up with your roofing maintenance and to know the signs that you need a new commercial roof in St Louis, MI.


Water leaks are not always easy to see. This is particularly true in commercial buildings where you cant always see the underside of the roof. Try to keep an eye out for secondary signs of leaks. Watch for signs of mold on the ceiling or water spots. If your building has an attic, make sure you regularly look for water damage suggesting you may need a new commercial roof.


Another crucial thing to watch for is blistering on the outside of your commercial roof. This phenomenon is also typically related to water damage. Water trapped in the insulation slowly eats up the inside of your roof and causes a release of gases which in turn causes blistering on the roof.

Shingle Damage

Another sign you need a new commercial roof is shingle damage. If your commercial roof has shingles, you need to inspect them on occasion. Look closely to see if they are beginning to curl, crack, or split. Also, watch for bald or patchy spots or moss growth. These can all be indications that water is getting trapped inside.