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What Is the Most Common Type of Commercial Roof Used?

A lot of older commercial roofs are built with concrete, gravel, and/or asphalt. They are heavy and require a ton of supports built into them. When they start to fail, they are difficult to repair. Instead, consider some of the newer commercial roofing materials as preventive measures.

The TPO Roof

TPO stands for “thermoplastic polyolefin”. It is a white plastic membrane that covers the roof you already have, but seals it against the elements. It helps keep the roof of your building and your building itself at a very comfortable temperature. However, it is a thin, puncturable plastic, so it has to be maintained well.

ISO Board

ISO board is actually a sort of styrofoam insulation board. It is easily cut and even easier to install around any roofing fixtures or vents. The seams created from cutting and fitting these boards is then taped off with commercial roofing tape. The ISO board is harder to damage than TPO, but the two together create an excellent barrier to snow, ice, wind, UV rays, cold, and extreme heat.

Elevate TPO

Elevate TPO is TPO with a little something extra. It is a self-adhering roofing material that requires no extra adhesives or sealants to install. Business owners love the fact that Elevate TPO can be installed on a commercial roof in a day. Contractors love Elevate TPO because it is more difficult to tear or puncture once pressure is applied to activate the self-adhering properties.

It is also a little more durable than standard TPO. Roll it out on a roof, apply pressure with a special rolling tool while walking on the membrane, and it’s as good as stuck. The rolls have varying thicknesses and widths, making it even easier to purchase the right sizes needed to cover your commercial roof. 

Your Current Roof Has to Be in Reasonably Good Condition

To apply any of the above, your current roof has to be in reasonably good condition. These roofing treatments cannot save a roof from falling apart, but they can help prevent it.