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When All Else Fails: How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Every roof has a life expectancy, and it’s
wise to replace it when it ends. As your impact resistant shingles age, it
becomes essential to consider replacing them. Several factors dictate how
long your roof will serve you, including the quality and craftsmanship of
the roofer.  Saving on quality might cost less, but it’ll compromise its
lifespan. Your environment is also a determining factor. The harsher the
weather, the faster it’ll degrade. 

home’s aesthetic depends on your roof’s condition, boosting or detracting from
its appeal. 
Numerous indicators point to an aging roof, some
readily apparent even without specialized equipment. 

Algae Growth 

growth is a crucial indicator of roofing damage that many homeowners ignore. As
surprising as it would look, algae can grow on your roof, affecting your impact-resistant
shingles. The bacteria can eat away your shingles and break them down, leaving
behind an ugly, black streak. Some manufacturers use limestone to make
low-quality shingles. Unfortunately, the limestone materials expose them to
algae growth and streaking. 

Gutter and Excess Shed Granules 

If your
gutters are clogged and unable to divert rainwater from the roof, it may seep
beneath your shingles. Clear gutters and remove debris to prevent standing
water on the roof.  Minimal granules on your gutters are standard if you
have a new roof. This is because there is a chance they fell during

when these granules start falling from an old roof, it could indicate
deteriorating shingles. Granules protect your roofing system from the sun’s
harmful UV rays. Hence, when they start falling off, it can weaken your
shingles, leading to cracks. If your gutters become inefficient, you should
check for the presence of granules. 

and Curled Shingles

shingles should lie flat against your roofing system. It might signify
substantial wear if you notice damaged, curling, or buckled impact-resistant shingles.
You should inspect for chipped or broken tiles for tiles or slate roofs. Warped
shingles expose your roof to leaks, risking damage to nearby structures.

a new roof enables a thorough check of the sub-roof, making vital repairs
easier. This enhances your roof’s functionality and critical systems. For
dependable roofing services, reach out to Shelby Roofing & Exteriors now.