The Benefits of Modified Bitumen For Your Commercial Roof

bitumen roof installationYour commercial roofing in St. Louis needs to withstand all the years’ elements, from below freezing to the hottest days of summer. One of the best roofing solutions for varying seasons is modified bitumen. Modified bitumen is made from asphalt and is not the same as EPDM, made from recycled rubber.


We all like to save money, and modified bitumen can deliver. Ask your roofing contractor about features like solar reflectance and thermal emission. These will help reduce your cooling needs, which translates to lower energy consumption.


Bitumen is a waterproof material. The application of several layers makes it one of the most weatherproof commercial roof choices available.

Easy Repair & Maintenance

Bitumen patches are a simple repair for your roofing company and are the most cost-efficient method to maintain that watertight seal.


Preventing tears means preventing leaks, and modified bitumen is your commercial roofing champion. It’s exceptionally tear-resistant because of its fiberglass and polyester reinforcement layers.


Modified bitumen expands and contracts without losing its shape. This quality makes it an ideal commercial roofing material for temperature shifts and wear and tear.

Never take a chance on your commercial roofing system; call in professional roofers to provide the right material to protect your structure.