Protect Your Home with Gutters in St.Louis, MO

Your home’s gutters protect the building’s siding from rainwater and debris as well as the soffit and fascia. Many people don’t pay much attention to their gutters until they experience a problem such as overflowing gutters, broken gutters due to heavy debris, or damage to their siding caused by water erosion. When it’s time for gutter repairs in the St. Louis metropolitan area, including Illinois, get in touch with the team at Shelby Roofing & Exteriors. We have extensive experience with gutter replacements, repairs, and protection. Count on us to handle any of these tasks with our experience and skill to keep your mind at ease.

Small House with Dual Garage

Seamless Guttering

Gutters do way more than protect the entryway of your home from water pouring down. It also shields your foundation from water damage by shedding and moving water away from your property. Even the smallest crack in your foundation can let in a lot of water that causes major damage in a short period of time. Properly pitched, free-flowing gutters and downspouts are key to protecting your investment.

Replacement Gutters

At Shelby Roofing & Exteriors we offer gutter replacements and installations in a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from. We carry five, six, and eight-inch gutter systems. Depending on your preference you can go with traditional white or black or even the most decorative colors like dark bronze.

Gutter Repair

Sometimes gutter replacement is not always necessary. That is why we offer free, no-obligation inspections of your current system. We’ll help lead you to the right decision. Your current gutters may not be installed properly or have deteriorated over the years. Rather than completely replacing these gutters, we offer comprehensive repairs to get them working properly again. We handle a variety of tasks including:

  • Cleaning Gutters
  • Repainting Gutters
  • Gutter Repitching
  • Sealing Seams, Mitres, and End Caps
  • Reattaching Gutters to Roof

Gutter Protection

The chore of cleaning gutters is never fun. It can be a year-round hassle depending on the foliage around your home or business. There’s always the risk of danger as well, since gutter cleaning requires balance and sometimes varying heights. Avoid the need for this hazardous task by getting gutter protection. We can clean and flush your current system or install powder-coated screens that prevent debris from building up and clogging the flow of water. We’ll even go one step further and add leaf relief protection to your home. Reach out to us today to find out how we can improve or replace your existing gutter system.

Contact us to schedule quality roofing or exterior services with our dedicated team. We proudly serve clients in the St. Louis metropolitan area, including Illinois, as well as the surrounding areas.