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A new shingle roof being applied

Which Roofing Material Lasts the Longest?

Unbelievably, there is still a debate in the roofing industry about which material lasts the longest. This is even though shingles have proven their worth on many buildings for hundreds of years.

Shingle roofing in St. Louis, MO, is the type that stands up best to the rigors of extreme temperatures and other punishments dished out by Mother Nature. This material is, has been, and continues to be used so often, proving that it is durable and meant to last. Most types of shingles come with guarantees in the range of 25-years or more.

For commercial buildings with large, flat roof areas, a few different materials are noteworthy for their longevity. The most well known of these include TPO, silicone coating, and EPDM (synthetic rubber).

Other roofing materials are available, but none of them can match the combination of durability and affordability that is offered by asphalt shingles. Your best band for your buck is the shingle roofs like the ones we install for homeowners and businesses across the region.

Shingle roofing is the best choice for most roofing applications. In St. Louis, MO, homeowners, and businesses choose Shelby Roofing & Exteriors for our exceptional work. Contact us today to schedule service.

Roofing contractors installing a roof board for asphalt shingles

The Five Main Problem Areas of a Roof

Roofs are built to last, but they are not invulnerable. Some elements of your roofing system are more fallible than others, so it is good to pay extra attention to those spots. The five most common roof problem areas are:

Fascia and Soffits: These architectural elements are meant to accent your roof and help protect the property from water damage and regulate interior temperatures. However, soffit and fascia in St. Louis, MO, are vulnerable to cracking, rotting, and so on.

Flashings: Your roof’s flashings are meant to seal edges and any other areas where the actual roof covering stops. They prevent water from entering under the roof covering. Unfortunately, they tend to deteriorate or come loose over time, so keep a close eye on them.

Gutters: The unsung hero of the roofing system, gutters direct water away from your home’s foundations to prevent structural damage. Due to their role, debris often builds up in them; clean your gutters regularly to ensure they can keep protecting your home.

Shingles: Most residential roof coverings are made up of hundreds of individual shingles. When these shingles deteriorate, come loose, or go missing, the underlying wood materials are exposed to the elements. Check your shingles for signs of damage, especially after strong storms.

Keep your soffit and fascia in St. Louis, MO, in good condition to protect your property. Professional inspections are available for concerned homeowners from our team at Shelby Roofing & Exteriors.