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Slate roof against a blue sky

How to Replace Broken Slate Tile Roofing

Slate roofs are noted for their enduring beauty. In fact, with the right care, slate roofing can last for over a century. However, slate is not invulnerable. The individual slates can be damaged by accidents, inclement weather, and other hazards.

Fortunately, when you notice damaged slate tiles on your roof, you do not have to replace the entire roofing system; all you need to deal with are the affected pieces. You can hire a trusted team for roof repair in St. Louis, MO, or attempt the repair on your own.

The first step for replacing a broken slate roof tile is to assess the damage and determine which materials are necessary. You will need to find replacement slates that match the size and style of your existing roof, as well as roofing nails, sheet copper, and caulk.

Next, remove the damaged slate tile with a slate ripping tool. Verify that your replacement tile will fit into the now-empty space. You might have to trim it a bit using a slate cutter. Once it is the right size, install the replacement slate tile. Remember not to nail it too tight as that may crack the tile. Finally, you must insert the sheet copper to prevent water penetration.

Hire our team for slate roof repair in St. Louis, MO. Our crew handles repairs of all sizes and gets your roof looking and acting like new again.

Yellow luxury home with shingle roofing

How to Select Your Shingle Roofing Material

Before you begin shopping for roofing materials, you want to determine if you need a completely new roof or some simple repairs. Does your home have cracked, lifting, curling, flaking, warped, or missing shingles? If yes, then it is time to begin your search for the type of shingles you need.

Once you have concluded that you need new shingle roofing in St. Louis, MO, then your second consideration is likely going to be the cost. Some types of shingles are more expensive than others, but there is a trade-off. These pricy options often have very long life expectancies, beyond the usual 25 years.

Asphalt shingles come in many varieties, so you are sure to find a type to fit your needs and design tastes. You can purchase shingles in different shapes and colors to match the style of your home. You do not have to settle on basic black anymore, because you can cover your roof with a shade that acts as a perfect complement to your exterior color scheme.

When you are shopping for roofing materials, remember that price varies based on one major factor: the size of your roof. The larger the area, you are covering, the more expensive the job will be. Be sure to look for a choice that matches your budget, has the durability you require, and adds to the look of your property.

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