Key Areas on a Roof That Every Homeowner Should Check After a Storm

Storm damage, whether from rain or hail, is a trying time for homeowners. Hail damage is considered the leading cause of property loss in the United States, with the most impacted area being the roof. The cost of roofing replacements ranges between $9,191 and $80,000. This makes the roof the key area to check for damage after a storm. With roofs being designed to protect your house from any harsh weather, they suffer the most. You could be in for a big surprise if you fail to check them after a storm. Below are the critical areas on your roof you should inspect after a storm.


Shingles are the most apparent areas to check after a storm. A hail storm involves hailstones between 1 and 1.75 inches in diameter punching through your roof with very high intensity. Hail damage on shingles takes the form of cracks, missing shingles, or torn shingles. If you observe shingles damaged by weather-related damage, you must document them to file an insurance claim.

Long Valleys

For those with high roofs with peaks, you most likely have long valleys. Rain and hail storms pummel these areas, causing them to loosen and lift. Check the hails for any hail damage and ensure they are still intact and no water leaks underneath them. Confirm whether the flashing is loose, which, if it is, you can include in your insurance claim to cover the costs of replacements or repairs.


From the outside, your roof may appear undamaged. However, there may be unseen leaks that can only be located from the inside. This may require you to go up in the attic after a storm and look for signs of storm damage. Water stains on walls and ceilings to mold on your exterior walls are the signs of invisible leaks.

Flat Areas

Storms, especially hail, love to hit flat areas, resulting in storm damage. As the hail bounces off, it leaves dents the size of an orange or nickel. If you have flat or close-to-flat surfaces on your roof, check them for hail damage. The damage can be repaired as part of a homeowner’s insurance claim.

If you need help spotting roof damage, hiring a professional roofer is wise. At Shelby Roofing & Exteriors, we offer roof repairs and replacements and work with your insurance claim in case of storm damage. Contact us for all your roofing needs in St Louis.