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Common Problems You May Encounter With Your Residential Roofing

Your roof has you covered. The weather can change very quickly from season to season, so it’s essential to regularly inspect your house in St. Louis. Residential roofing takes the brunt of the wind, rain, and snow, so keeping an eye on its integrity can save you in the long run.


Shingles are the most prominent part of your residential roof. Lifting and curling shingles could result in sections being blown away, allowing water to enter your home. If you notice problems, consider shingle replacement as soon as possible.


The surface underneath the overhang of your roof is called a soffit. It creates a seal so water and wind can’t access the interior. This section is vented but check for holes, cracks, or areas of rot because they can quickly result in problems.


Fascia is your residential roof trim. It acts as a seal to prevent the elements from entering your home along the edge of the roof. Look for damage or rot to avoid issues with water ingress.


Flashing’s primary function is to seal any part of your residential roof that has cracks or openings along the edges. Check the flashing regularly for any damage to ensure it is doing its job correctly. 


Inspect gutters regularly and keep them free of debris. Look for leaks, cracks, or damage that would allow water to spill down your siding and run along your foundation.