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EPDM roofing

Choose EPDM Roofing For Your New Commercial Roof

The material of choice for flat or commercial roofs is quickly becoming EPDM. Rubber, environmentally-friendly, and economical, EPDM has seen a surge of popularity for roof replacement and new construction. Shelby Roofing and Exteriors can install a new commercial roof in St. Louis that offers several benefits traditional petroleum-based roofing cannot.

Helping The Environment

Not only is EPDM typically made from recycled products, but the material is also recyclable. Once the product’s life has expired, it can be removed from the roof and reused for other purposes. This continuous cycle means the material never sees a landfill.

Efficiency Is Essential

Whether white or black, your EPDM new commercial roof makes your building more efficient and saves you money. White roofs reflect heat and keep the building cooler, and black roofs hold heat, which reduces heating costs in the winter. You’re helping the environment with recycled material and also reducing your carbon footprint by minimizing your energy requirements.

Flexible & Durable

EPDM lasts a long time. This quality is thanks to the nature of the material. The rubber expands and contracts with the building and the weather, so the seals remain intact. It’s also breathable without being permeable, which prevents the building envelope from trapping moisture.

Your new commercial roof or flat roof replacement should be able to stand the test of time while also being efficient and environmentally sound. EPDM covers all those and more.


Choosing The Right Gutters For Your Home

When gutters break down or become damaged, your siding and foundation could be at risk. Before that happens, consider replacing your gutters with a more modern upgrade. There are two primary choices for gutter replacement in St. Louis, and choosing which one best suits your home is a matter of style, preference, and functionality.

Sectional or Seamed Gutters

Their name well describes these gutters. Home renovation stores sell them in vinyl or metal in trimmable, ten-foot lengths. They attach securely and flush, which prevents water from escaping the seams. These replacement gutters are simple to install, affordable, and readily available. However, they don’t come in many colors, cannot be painted, and are at risk for leaking if not sealed correctly.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are an excellent alternative when you want to replace gutters that start to fail. They look better than sectional gutters, cannot leak, and come in a wide range of colors. Seamless gutters are the more expensive option for gutter replacement and generally aren’t considered a DIY project. They are also difficult to replace in sections if they get damaged.

The style of house and budget often determine which type of gutter replacement you install. Whichever you choose, the benefits to your home and its longevity are immeasurable.