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Why Insulation Matters for a Healthy Roof

roof insulationA healthy roof means your home will protect you and your family through all seasons. From the heat of summer to the depths of winter, your attic insulation and roof help regulate the temperature in your home. If you’re unsure how much insulation you have, your general roofing contractor in St. Louis can inspect the space. They can also offer suggestions to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Airflow & Insulation

Insulation and ventilation work hand in hand to ensure your home retains heat and keeps you cool. When moisture is allowed to build up inside, problems start to accumulate. They can include:

  • Ice Dams Preventing Water Runoff
  • Roofing Materials Failing Prematurely
  • Wet Wood
  • Rusting Metal Parts
  • Mold, Spores, Fungi, & Mildew
  • Interior Damage

Ample, balanced, and controlled airflow is the key to a sound roof and better interior environmental control. Once any of these is compromised, there is a risk of issues building up.

Be Prepared

When you protect your investment with an understanding of how these elements work together, you are better prepared to address problems. With the combined efforts of ventilation, insulation, and your general roofing contractor, your attic and roof system will stay healthy for years to come.


Tips for Finding the Best Roofer in St. Louis

roofer in st. louisTo find the best roofer in St. Louis requires a little patience and a lot of research. There are some key questions you should ask yourself and your prospective roofer before committing to one company.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

Look for a contractor who has a proven track record and years of service to the community.

Double Check Licensing & Insurance

They may say they’re insured, but it’s best to ask for proof.

Pricing Isn’t the Only Thing That Matters

For the best roofing quality, don’t always go with the lowest quote. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Get Financing Agreements in Writing

Financing should always come with paperwork. Make sure you read every line before signing.

Who Is Doing The Work?

Some companies contract out their jobs, which means the business you hire isn’t the person doing the work.

What Happens If You’re Not Happy with the Work?

Ask in advance what their policy is when the customer isn’t satisfied.

What If There Are Unplanned Repairs?

Be sure you understand what will happen if they need to complete additional repairs.

Will They Remove The Old Roof?

Your old roof can be hiding problems, so make sure your roofer knows to remove the old shingles to check for hidden issues.

Are They An Authorized Installer?

Most manufacturers won’t honor their warranties when an unauthorized installer installs a roof.

What to Do When You Experience a Commercial Roof Leak

commercial roof leakYour commercial roofing in St. Louis takes the brunt of wear and tear from the elements. Gradually that protection starts to break down, and you can end up with problems. If your roof starts to leak, there are a few preliminary steps you can take to protect your investment.

Risk Assessment

First, you need to assess how much a risk to your business the leak will cause. If you have expensive equipment inside the building where the water is coming in, the risk can be high. You also need to identify any potential damage or safety concerns that might result from the leak. If it’s in a high-traffic area, it’s best to put out signs and cones to prevent accidents.

Locate the Source

Secondly, find the source of the leak. The water coming in is not always from rain or snow on the roof; it can be a pipe or your AC unit leaking. Explore the possibilities before assuming the problem is with the roofing system.

Call In Your Roofer

Finally, if the issue is your roof and you’ve determined the location and mitigated risk, call your commercial roofer. They’ll be able to assess the situation and suggest a solution.

The Benefits of Modified Bitumen For Your Commercial Roof

bitumen roof installationYour commercial roofing in St. Louis needs to withstand all the years’ elements, from below freezing to the hottest days of summer. One of the best roofing solutions for varying seasons is modified bitumen. Modified bitumen is made from asphalt and is not the same as EPDM, made from recycled rubber.


We all like to save money, and modified bitumen can deliver. Ask your roofing contractor about features like solar reflectance and thermal emission. These will help reduce your cooling needs, which translates to lower energy consumption.


Bitumen is a waterproof material. The application of several layers makes it one of the most weatherproof commercial roof choices available.

Easy Repair & Maintenance

Bitumen patches are a simple repair for your roofing company and are the most cost-efficient method to maintain that watertight seal.


Preventing tears means preventing leaks, and modified bitumen is your commercial roofing champion. It’s exceptionally tear-resistant because of its fiberglass and polyester reinforcement layers.


Modified bitumen expands and contracts without losing its shape. This quality makes it an ideal commercial roofing material for temperature shifts and wear and tear.

Never take a chance on your commercial roofing system; call in professional roofers to provide the right material to protect your structure.

Learn More About Dutch Lap Siding For Your Home’s Exterior

dutch lap siding installationFor an economical solution to your exterior design, consider Dutch lap siding. This traditional type of siding has been popular since the late 1800s and was considered a cost-effective solution to the standard exteriors of the time. Dutch lap siding provides simple weather-resistant protection from driving wind, rain, and snow. It’s a horizontal plank with a slightly concave face that notches into the plank below to create a seal. It’s among the most distinctive and popular styles of siding in St. Louis, MO.

The Popular Choice

You’ve probably seen Dutch lap siding all your life without knowing what it was called. Today it’s typically made from vinyl and protects millions of homes around the world. It’s a durable, inexpensive style that comes in a range of colors to accommodate any taste or style. It can be mixed and matched with brickwork, wood, and stone to provide your home with the design and look you’ve always wanted.

Easy Installation

Because of its ease of installation, a siding company can transform your home in a matter of days. From its weather-resistance to its versatility, Dutch lap is the right choice for many homeowners. Talk to a team of professionals today and give your house the facelift you’ve always wanted.

Signs You Should Replace Your Commercial Roof This Spring

roofing contractorWinter isn’t only tough on people; it can take its toll on your roofing system. From fluctuating temperatures to snow loads, winter can cause all kinds of problems that aren’t always immediately obvious. After the spring thaw, take a walk around your roof to get an idea of how it handled the coldest season. If you notice any issues or are concerned about its integrity, now could be time for a new commercial roof in St. Louis.

Professional Assessment

It’s critical to check it for cracks, buckling, or any other kind of damage, especially if your roof is a material like EPDM rubber roofing. One of the more obvious problems is leaking; in which case, you’ll likely need extensive repairs or a new commercial roof. However, some issues aren’t as straightforward. Calling a roof repair expert to assess its condition is important to maintaining the integrity of the roofing system and the structure it protects.

Unless you’re a trained professional, it can be difficult to accurately evaluate your roof’s condition. An experienced roofing company can determine whether you need a new commercial roof or if it will stand the test of another year of St. Louis weather.