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How to Extend the Life of Your Gutters

Gutter replacement in St. Louis, MO, is part of a homeowner’s maintenance duties. While it might seem like a hassle, even the best-designed gutter systems will eventually need to be replaced. You can, however, take measures to ensure your current installation lasts as long as possible. Here are some of the top maintenance tips.

Make Time for Cleaning

As you can imagine, gutters can accumulate a lot of debris over time. This can put unnecessary weight on the system, causing it to lose shape and lose performance. If left unchecked, a clogged gutter can even damage your roofing. Take care to clear out your gutters a few times a year–especially after a storm.

Address Cracks as Soon as Possible

Gutters are supposed to direct rainwater away from your foundation. Cracks and punctures in your gutters mean water can end up in places where it isn’t supposed to be. Patch up any cracks as soon as you spot them.

As with many things in this world; it is much more cost-effective to get something repaired than it is to completely replace it. Conducting your due diligence as a homeowner can help you save money over time.

Of course, if your gutter has too many cracks in it, then you may be better off investing in gutter replacement. When such a time comes, be sure to do your research. Gutters are available in different materials, and some of them will last longer than others. Copper gutters, for instance, have lifespans of up to five decades.

When it comes to gutter replacement, choosing a team of professionals can help you achieve the best possible outcome. With that said, a little care and maintenance go a long way.

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What You Should Know about Soffits and Fascia

Windows, siding, doors, and garages are the primary attention-grabbers of most homes. However, if you know anything about residential roofing in St. Louis, MO, then you know its important you dont overlook the soffits and fascia. You should know what they are and why are they important features of your home.

The soffit is the exposed siding underneath a roofs overhang and is not visible in terms of curb appeal. Fascia goes along with a homes soffit. It is the area of siding directly above the soffit. Its the exposed board on the front of a roofs overhang. Residential roofing experts will tell you that the fascia is also where gutters are placed.

Why Soffit and Fascia Are So Important

The soffit is important because it has venting that helps keep air flowing between your roof and attic. It also helps keep insects and animals out of your home. Wasps love to nestle up in soffit, so its important to make sure your soffit has no holes or cracks in it and if it does, make sure you repair or replace it right away.

Fascia is the long straight board along the lower edge of the roof. Residential roofing professionals will tell you that it is the last line of support for the lower edge of roof tiles or shingles. It’s also on what your gutters are installed. Your fascia needs to be able to hold them up even during heavy downpours. And because fascia is visible to everyone, you want to keep it in excellent condition to maximize your homes curb appeal.

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Signs that You Need New Gutters

Gutters are a crucial part of the exterior of your home: They direct water away from your homes exterior walls, windows, and foundation, preventing it from making its way inside and causing damage. While cleaning your gutters regularly may lengthen the life of your system, most gutters will need to be repaired or replaced eventually to help protect your home.

Look for these top three signs to determine if its time for gutter replacement in St. Louis, MO:

Cracks or Splits of Any Kind

You may feel that small cracks in your gutters are not a big issue, but small cracks will grow into big ones and it can happen faster than you think. If you allow cracks to remain, water can further damage the gutters, the fascia boards behind the gutters, the shingles above the gutter, and the foundation below.

Paint Peeling On or Around Your Gutters

Unless your gutters are very old, peeling paint or orange flecks of rust are indicators that you may need gutter replacement because water is present on a continuous basis. Water may be stagnant or not effectively removed by the gutter or cracks, and other damage may be present.

Pools of Water or Mildew Around Your Homes Foundation

The purpose of having gutters is to keep water away from your foundation. If you notice pools of water or mildew near the foundation, it may mean that the gutters are not working as intended. It may be caused by a clog or a defect in the gutter system, but without gutter replacement, it can easily cause foundation damage leading to costly, time-consuming repairs.