Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractor in St. Louis, MO

Do your homework before talking to contractors about replacing the roof over your commercial building. The idea is to interview several commercial roofing contractors in St. Louis, MO,

and compare the answers they give you to measure credibility, industry knowledge and connections, and experience.

Here are questions to ask prospective commercial roofing contractors.

How many years of experience do you have in commercial roofing?

Experience matters. The company you hire needs to have experience working with the type of material you need to for repair or replacement.

Do you have references?

A reputable roofer should provide you with a list of companies they’ve worked with. You can check with them to see if they were satisfied with their service.

Do you have proof of insurance and a license number?

You want to make sure their company has insurance for accidents and a license from the state.

Which roofing product manufacturers do you work with, and are they certified?

There are many respected manufacturers. Often, a company gets training from a factory representative for proper installation.

Is the roofing fireproof or fire-resistant?

It’s essential to have fire protection in the roofing material to ensure your building’s safety.

Do you do the work yourself or use subcontractors?

This matters. If they use subcontractors, you need to check out the ones they use.

The answers to these questions help you judge how qualified and credible a roofing company is.