Signs You Need a New Residential Roof in St. Louis

“Repair or replacement?” is a question that comes up often with roofing problems, whether these involve leaks, missing materials, or holes. You can do an inspection yourself to see how serious the problems are.

Here’s what to look for when considering a new residential roof in St. Louis:

Check your records – Find out the latest date for roofing replacement. For example, shingles have a lifespan of about 20 years, so when you find leaks and missing shingles at 18 years, it’s likely time for a new roof.

Do a physical inspection – Check for missing parts, such as shingles, tears or punctures, buckles, or leaks. This involves looking at the top of the roof itself, gutters, and ground for roofing materials, such as shingles and granules from the shingles.

While on the roof, check the flashing for cracks or breaks. These allow water to get inside the house.

Does the roof sag? That’s a sign of severe structural trouble with replacement the likely answer.

You also want to look in the attic. Here you can spot leaks and see if the roof is so badly in need of repair that the sun shines through the boards.

When you’ve done your inspection, now it’s time to talk to a reputable local contractor about a new residential roof in St. Louis.