Why You Should Consult a Roofing Contractor in St. Lewis Before Installing Solar Panels


Across the nation and the world, people are switching to solar for savings and dependable power without overreliance on municipal sources. One of the driving reasons? It’s easier and more affordable than ever to install them on the average property. Locally, many roofing contractors in St. Louis currently provide this service, but you shouldn’t rush to your phone right away.


Solar panels, like any investment, deserve a little thought before you commit. There are a few important things to know about the process, and asking key questions beforehand helps you make the most of your project. What are those questions? We’ve put a few of them together for your convenience.


Four Questions for a Successful Solar Experience


Before you call your roofing contractors, consider the following questions:

  • Is Your Roof Ready? — The first thing you’ll need is an area of your roof that’ suitably positioned to absorb a meaningful amount of sunlight. In addition, it’s important to make sure the section where you want to install can structurally support your new panels. If you aren’t certain, experienced roofing contractors can help you make the determination.
  • Is Your Home Already Efficient? — If you’re looking to save with solar, it pays to reduce overall energy use beforehand. Doing so leaves more power for potential rebates and leaves you with less need for additional electricity beyond what your panels produce.
  • What Kind of Solar Are You After? — Solar power comes in two key forms: photovoltaic and thermal. One creates electricity directly, while the other creates warm water or air for use in your home. It’s worth checking into each to see which one provides the best value for your money.


How Will You Connect to the Grid? — Work things out with your utility company in advance. There may be fees to pay for connecting, and it’s important to know how you’ll be credited for the electricity you generate.