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Hanging Halloween Decorations Without Damaging Your Siding

Halloween DecorationsOne of the best things about Halloween is the fun, spooky decor. Jack-o-lanterns, black cats, plastic skeletons, the scarier, the better. Sadly, some homeowners dread this holiday because of fears that it might damage their siding. Never fear. Here are the top two tips from St. Louis roofing and exterior experts on how to hang Halloween decorations without scratching your siding.


Vinyl Siding Clips

If your home has traditional lap siding, you can buy vinyl siding clips from your local hardware store. Vinyl siding clips are flat strips of aluminum bent into a soft J” shape, with a small crook at the top. The crook is designed to be wiggled into the gaps between the siding boards and will hold light items such as plastic or paper-mâché heads.


These clips can also be used on lap siding made from other materials, like fiber cement siding. Roofing and exterior contractors recommend not using force to install or remove them, as the paint or factory-applied finish may get damaged.


Double-Sided Tape

Manufacturers like 3M sell easy-to-remove double-sided tape that can be cleanly removed by using a hairdryer. A word of caution: you may want to avoid using double-sided tape on painted surfaces, as it can cause damage. However, if your siding is up for repainting after Halloween anyway, just go wild and have fun with the spooky decor.

How Bad Weather Impacts Your St. Louis Roofing and Exteriors

Bad WeatherHere in Missouri, Mother Nature is often friendly to us. However, she does have a darker side and can be brutal to our St. Louis roofing and exteriors. Whether it’s a result of high wind, rain, ice, or snow, bad weather in our area can have a negative effect on the look and function of your property. Take a minute to learn about the various ways that the elements can damage your home.


Subsidence – Homes can begin to sink as a result of changing moisture levels in the ground. Extended wet or dry periods can result in the ground shrinking or swelling, thereby damaging the structure and foundation of your home.


Snowfall – Snow is a lot heavier than we expect. Dense snowfall can crack your gutters, wear down your roof, and even creep through your ceilings and walls when it begins to melt.


Flooding – Extensive rainfall can be a serious problem if your home is prone to floods. Reach out to the experts to avoid structural damage, dampness, and mold-related to flooding.


Frozen Pipes – A quick cold snap can cause your home’s pipes to freeze, often leading to burst pipes that are expensive to fix. Preparing your home for colder weather is essential to avoid the perils of a nasty winter.


When it comes to avoiding costly damages, knowing how inclement weather can affect your St. Louis roofing and exteriors is half the battle. The other half is trusting your home to the professionals.

Should Your Repair or Replace Your Residential Roofing in St. Louis?

Residential RoofingYour roof plays a critical role in protecting your home from the elements. So, when your roof starts to leak, it’s crucial that you solve the problem quickly to avoid costly interior damage. However, some problems are easier to fix than others, and many people are left wondering if they should repair or replace their residential roofing in St. Louis. Many factors contribute to this decision, including your budget and the extent of the damage. However, when choosing between repair and replacement, it’s also important to consider the material from which your roof is made.


Certain materials–such as slate and tile–may require small repairs over time but rarely require a total replacement. Although these materials are brittle and prone to small chips, they perform their job well for decades and rarely deteriorate extensively. Repairing these types of roofs is almost always a better investment.


Wooden roofs, on the other hand, are much more likely to require a full replacement. If there is water damage to part of a wooden roof, the chances are high that the entire structure is compromised. In these cases, it’s advisable to replace the wood with another roofing material.


When it comes to asphalt roofing, your decision significantly depends on the amount of damage. Shingles can be easily replaced in sections when storm or wind damage occurs. However, old asphalt roofs may require an entirely new layer of shingles.


Knowing about the various types of residential roofing in St. Louis will help you make the best decision when it’s time to repair or replace your roof.

What to Do When You First Notice a Leak

Leaking RoofWhen you have an aging or damaged roof, you may be at risk of developing a leak. Leaks are very common, and while they are often a quick fix when caught early enough, they can lead to significant structural damage if left untended. Shelby Roofing & Exteriors has you covered if you’ve noticed a leak at your property. St. Louis roofing and exteriors are our specialty, and that includes leak repairs by experts.


When you notice a leak, here are some things you can do right away:


  1. Document the Damage with Some Photos
  2. Call Your Insurance Company to Begin the Claims Process
  3. Call Shelby Roofing & Exteriors for an Inspection & Repair Estimate


We’ll respond promptly to your call and get to work on your leak. If you would like assistance with your claim, we’ll help you prepare and submit the paperwork. We’ll give you a competitive quote on roof and exterior repairs that will keep your property protected.


As your roofing and exterior specialists, we deliver exceptional results on time. We welcome the opportunity to hear from you and get started on your roof repairs. Remember, the sooner you repair your leak, the better protected your home will be.

Hiring a Trustworthy Roofer to Work on Your Home

Residential RooferWhen it comes to something as important as your roof, you must choose a trusted contractor. Roof replacements and repairs are critical investments in the safety of your property. When done improperly, roofing services can result in leaks, interior and exterior water damage, and the need for costly repairs. So, do your homework before you hire a contractor for residential roofing in St. Louis, MO.


It never hurts to go online and read customer testimonials. On the roofing company’s website, you can check to see whether they offer the type of service you need, as well as find any other special services they may offer. For example, our company assists customers with their insurance claims for maximum convenience.


When you want to make sure you are using an experienced team, you can leave the job to the skilled professionals at Shelby Roofing & Exteriors. Our team provides top-quality residential roof services.


As your residential roofers, we offer a full range of services at competitive prices. We work with durable materials and are known for our superior results and timely job completion. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re getting qualified roofers that know what it takes to protect your home from the elements.

Additional Costs to be Aware of When Budgeting for Residential Roofing in St. Louis

Residential RoofingInstalling a new roof is an effective way to protect your home, increase its energy efficiency, and improve its looks. It is a major job, regardless of who does the work. Shelby Roofing & Exteriors has plenty of experience with commercial and residential roofing in St. Louis, and we are happy to tell you what sort of additional expenses you need to be aware of when budgeting for a roofing job.


The first thing you need to be aware of is the size of your roof. This is the main factor in determining the cost of a residential roofing job. Accurate measurements will ensure you are not spending more than you need to for shingles and supplies you don’t require.


The price of roofing materials varies from relatively affordable asphalt shingles to pricier options such as slate. Make sure you get the material you want, and that fits into your budget. Don’t think that more expensive means better. It’s an additional cost that you do not need to incur.


A team of experienced residential roofers will do the job more quickly and efficiently.  This helps to cut down on labor expenses and lets you stay within budget.

Gutter Replacement in St. Louis can be a Part of Cleaning and Maintenance

Gutter ReplacementGutters perform a very specific and important job at your home or business. They work to safely direct rainwater away from your house and property. You likely don’t pay much attention to them, but you should. At Shelby Roofing & Exteriors, we know a lot about this topic, and we’re going to provide information you will find useful.


Our main point is you should provide regular cleaning and maintenance for your gutters. If you find they are damaged or thoroughly blocked, then you need to consider gutter replacement in St. Louis. You may discover that your gutters are rusted, cracked, or bent and can’t do their job anymore, and that’s when gutter replacement is necessary.


You can prevent your gutters from reaching that point by inspecting them periodically so that minor issues don’t lead to insurmountable problems. A loose seam or mounting point can be easily handled when it’s discovered early.


Thorough cleaning makes sure that leaves, dirt, and other debris doesn’t build up and block your gutters and downspouts. A free-flowing system will provide years of reliable service. There may come a time, though, when you wish to consider gutter replacement as part of a home remodeling job. In that case, we also suggest you stick to your maintenance and cleaning program, so your new gutters keep working as well as the day you had them installed.

What You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

Installing a SkylightSkylights are a stunning feature in any home. They give you the natural source of illumination you need to make your interiors look their best and provide a unique charm and sense of atmosphere. Before you can jump right into a call with your local roofing contractors in St. Louis, however, it’s important to have a general idea of what you’re looking for from your skylight. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips that can help you navigate the process.


Placement is Everything — Where you put your skylight matters since it can make the difference between an annoying glare and a heavenly stream of sunlight. You want to work with experienced roofing contractors that understand the impact and can communicate effectively when discussing the potential placement in your home.


Know Your Options — There are several different types of skylights on the market, and they each come with their advantages. Be sure to talk with your installer about the options that work for your vision. The right choice could cut costs or make the results better.


Skylights Impact Temperature — Like any window, a skylight lets in heat in addition to illumination. This can make it harder to keep your house cool. Different designs often help mitigate this and create a balance between beauty and temperature efficiency.

What to Look for in a Roof When You’re Buying a Home

Residential RoofingShopping for a new home should be exciting, but it’s also an important time to be vigilant. With your future on the line, you don’t want to miss any detail that could indicate costly problems down the line. When it comes to residential roofing in St. Louis, our team has the expert eye to pick out issues with an existing surface. Here’s what we recommend looking for as you peruse places you might want to purchase:


Missing or Broken Shingles — Over time, shingles suffer damage. That’s a fact for any home, and you’d expect some wear and tear on anything but a brand-new roof. Even so, visible gaps or breakages often signal more extensive problems that might require costly repairs. Be sure to ask about any shingle-related suspicions.


Water Stains — Dark patches and stains in a ceiling are sure signs of a leak somewhere on the roof. Even if the surface itself has been fixed since the stain was made, there could be lingering problems with mold or structural damage, so follow up with the agent or owner.


Roof Age — One of the easiest ways to get an idea of a roof’s condition is to ask about the age. Different materials might last longer, but the average residential roof can last up to fifty years when well-cared-for.

Historic Homes: A Guide to Choosing the Right Roof

Historic HomesIf you are lucky enough to have a historic home, you understand how important it is to keep a close eye on its upkeep, as older homes are more vulnerable due to the age and condition of their construction materials. If regular maintenance isn’t practiced, there’s a risk that deterioration will gain a foothold and could continue unabated. It’s a chance that you don’t want to take.


At Shelby Roofing & Exteriors, we know a lot about residential roofing in St. Louis and are providing this guide to help you choose the right roof for your historic home.


You want to maintain the historic appearance of your home, so perhaps you may want to consider repairing the roof rather than replacing it with a new one. If you opt for repairs, then you should use the same materials if possible for historical accuracy. This includes materials such as wood shingles, clay tiles, slate, or copper.


It might not be possible or practical to use these for your residential roofing in St. Louis, and in that case, you are going to want to replace the roof instead. Modern materials are much more durable than old ones and are available in many different shapes, styles, and colors that allow them to blend well into historical designs and modern ones alike.