Gutters vs Roofs: Which One Should You Replace First?

Remodeling or designing the exterior of a new home can be overwhelming for homeowners in Pacific MO. Choosing which projects to tackle, such as siding, roofing, windows, or gutters, can be particularly challenging. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to exterior remodeling, opting for a new roof is generally advisable.

Numerous compelling reasons exist to install a new roof before addressing your gutters. The primary reason is the need to uninstall the gutters before reinstallation, especially those attached to the roof. This prolongs the installation timeline and exposes your new gutter system to potential damage during the uninstallation and reinstallation phases. Additionally, repairing and repainting the gutters can be costly and bothersome.

Reasons to Replace Your Roof First

When you choose to have a new roof installed, it’s essential to consider the impact on your gutter system. The roofing company must typically remove the gutters before installing the new roof. However, this process can potentially cause damage to your gutters, especially if they are new. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid replacing the roof after installing new gutters.

If you are forced to replace the roof after a hail damage, there are a few things to consider. First, you may need to repaint and possibly repair your gutters following the roof replacement. This additional maintenance can be avoided if feasible by having the roof replacement and gutter installation done simultaneously.

Coordinating the roof replacement and gutter installation minimizes the risk of damage to the gutter system. This approach allows for a smoother transition between the two projects and reduces the need for additional repairs or maintenance.

When to Replace Your GutterĀ 

Don’t delay installing a new gutter system if you’re considering a roof replacement after a heavy hail damage effect. Removing and reinstalling new gutters during a roof replacement may not be ideal. However, leaving ineffective gutters on your home can result in expensive water damage to your foundation and landscaping. In the larger picture, it is wiser to promptly address the replacement of your gutters upon recognizing the need.

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