Protect Your Home With Class 4 Asphalt Shingles and Save Money on Insurance

Protect Your Roof and Wallet: Install Class 4 Asphalt Shingles to Avoid Hail Damage and Lower Insurance Costs

As a homeowner, safeguarding your house against the destruction incurred due to natural catastrophes is more important than anything else. Hailstorms can significantly decline the condition of your rooftop, leading to pricey renovation works. Luckily there is one answer that not only prevents hail harm but also conserves money when it comes to your insurance policy. By incorporating Class 4 asphalt shingles, you can maintain your roof in fine form, and your pocketbook has some breathing room. In this blog entry, our concentration is on the advantages of Class 4 asphalt shingles and how implementation can be fruitful for securing you from hailstorms and safeguarding you against those hefty insurance fees.

Benefits of Class 4 Asphalt Shingles

Class 4 asphalt shingles are made to last and handle forceful hail impacts. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) performs rigorous tests and rating processes to confirm the robustness of these shingles in safeguarding one’s home from hail damage. For example, Class 4 shingles are certified to be resistant to two inches in diameter hailstones, the same size as a golf ball! Thus, by replacing your existing roofing with Class 4 shingles, you can experience complete repose, knowing it is adequately shielded from various hail disasters.

Saving Money on Your Insurance Policy

Homeowners who install Class 4 shingles may be eligible for a reduction on their insurance policy premiums as numerous insurance providers offer rebates on homeowner’s insurance policies. Such roofs are designed to survive hailstorms and are thus considered a lower risk to providers. Thus, you should contact your insurance company and check if they have such discounts.

Other Benefits of Class 4 Asphalt Shingles

Class 4 asphalt shingles provide more than just protection from hailstorm damage and a potential reduction in insurance premiums – they come with a range of extra advantages. Their lifespan is substantially extended compared to regular shingles, reducing the frequency at which you need to replace your roof. Moreover, they come in various shades and designs to match the look of your home. Furthermore, these asphalt shingles are created from environmentally friendly components, serving as a beneficial contribution to our planet.


A homeowner looking to ensure the safety of their estate from hailstorms and pay less on their insurance premium should consider investing in Class 4 asphalt shingles. In addition to providing remarkable protection, these shingles boast a longer life expectancy, a range of style options, and eco-friendliness. To uncover more information about fitting Class 4 shingles on your house’s roof, contact a reliable roofer in your location.