Storm Damage: Benefits of a Roof Inspection

Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage in st. louis

Storm damage: It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare. A major storm has passed through your area and upon initial inspection you see that your roof has been impacted. Perhaps your siding was damaged by hail, heavy rains have left pooling water, or sections of your roof were stripped of their shingles by a tornado. Even a few missing shingles or damaged fascia can seem like minor problems initially, but even small problems can deteriorate the important underlayment of your roof, result in major leaks, inefficient energy usage, and give the opportunity for pests and wildlife to enter your attic. 

No matter what type of storm damage you find, it is important to hire a trusted roofing professional that has the tools and knowledge necessary to fix any damage. Here are some of the benefits of having a professional roof inspection to assess storm damage to your home so you can keep your family safe and protected in future severe weather conditions.

Prompt and Complete Insurance Handling

When periods of severe weather come your way, it is important that you can work promptly with your insurance company to approve roofing repairs and costs and stay safe. Once the storm has passed, you will want to immediately call a roofing contractor for a free roofing repair assessment to examine the damage, determine the best course of action, and receive a cost estimate. They will work with you to take pictures and complete a comprehensive summary report of the assessed damage, which will be required for the claim. The contractor will then get in touch with your insurance company to receive approval for the necessary replacement or repairs to be done quickly and in its entirety. Having a trusted contractor that is willing to work with your insurance company will save you time and energy, while also reducing the stress associated with storm damage repairs.

Expertise to Assess storm Damage

Anyone can do a visible inspection of a roof, but not everyone has the training and experience to know what large and small things to look for that indicates potential damage. Detecting water damage is one of these instances that can be difficult to identify, as some water problems do not present as major issues until later. Other commonly overlooked damage is smaller structural damage, such as damaged shingles and ice dams that can impact the interior and exterior of your home, or even debris that can pose a risk for future wind damage. When the contractor is inspecting the shingles, they should assess any broken or fallen shingles and the current strength of the remaining shingles to ensure they will not break apart during future storms.

Assessment of Unseen storm Damage

While it can be easy to see major damage, like missing shingles, some storm damage may not necessarily be seen by the untrained eye. This can include weak areas in the structure that can lead to unexpected roof leaks, mold and mildew, and potential interior damage. They will also check for masses of moss and lichen that can cause underlying roof decay, along with cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing, and cracked or worn rubber boots around vent pipes. You can even have the contractor look at your chimney area to check for a missing or damaged chimney cap, a blocked chimney flue, or damaged chimney liner that can result in leaking, air drafts, debris buildup, and unwelcomed animal nesting in the chimney area.  Having a professional roof inspection will ensure that all damage is found before filing your insurance claim and your home is kept safe and sound.

Small Issues Won’t Be Overlooked

Like water damage and damaged shingles, there are other places where small issues can grow to large ones over time that are important to be able to spot and address quickly and efficiently. A professional roof inspection should include determining the stability of your roof based on the strength of the supports around the roof to determine if they have changed positions or buckled. They should also check the insulation surrounding the roof’s surface to see if it has been damaged or exposed to the elements. If potential issues with the insulation are found, your contractor will want to monitor the area to determine if the roof is still well covered or if repairs will be needed. Not having the insulation checked could lead to additional damage alongside increased energy costs due to poor energy efficiency.

Prevent Future Problems and Expenses

Storm damage can potentially cause a lot of problems and great costs out of your pocket in the future if a professional roof inspection isn’t completed soon after the storm passes. Hiring a professional roofing contractor means that you can prevent major structural issues in the weeks and months to come, especially during the hard winter months. You could also save thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses by having a trusted professional spot current or potential damages and make recommendations for needed repairs.

When your home is impacted by storm damage, you want to ensure that the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. That is why it is important to have a professional roofing contractor that will not only take care of the repairs but will also work with your insurance company to take the stress out of being hit by a storm. Shelby Roofing & Exteriors not only does this, but we also have a 24-hour emergency response team that is ready to help you at any time in Arnold, Imperial, Oakville, Fenton, and the surrounding St. Louis areas. To receive a free assessment of storm damage to your home, give Shelby Roofing & Exteriors a call today at 636-942-2300.