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Recognizing Flashing Issues: What They Are and Why the Flashing Is Important

Roof installation is a complex task that involves various components working together as a cohesive system. Therefore, engaging professionals to execute the job for us is paramount. Proper roof installation ensures its durability and functionality in protecting you against elements.

One of the essential components of a roofing system is flashing. This article explores the importance of roof flashing and tips for identifying flashing issues.

What’s Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is vital for shingle, metal, and low or flat-slope roofing systems. Flashing is installed around chimneys, gutters, eaves, and other spots joining two surfaces. This is a crucial component, stopping water from seeping through roof gaps and cracks. 

Unfortunately, a simple mistake during the installation or repair of flashing can cause severe damage to your entire roof. This can result in costly repairs or overall roof replacement. Below are different types of roof flashing:

Visible Damage

Your lead flashing can show visible signs of damage, including holes, cracks, or splits. These are caused by general aging, thermal expansion, contraction, or adverse weather conditions. If you notice a sign of slight damage, it indicates an underlying problem with your flashing system. Hence, you should have it immediately inspected and repaired by a professional roofer. 

Missing or Damaged Shingle

Damaged or missing shingles, especially around the chimney, can also lead to flashing problems. To increase the lifespan of your flashing, ensure proper alignment of your shingles and the flashing. The shingles should also be in good condition.   

Leaks and Dampness

Water leaks or dampness in the house during rainstorms is a significant sign of deteriorated lead flashing. To validate your concerns, inspect the presence of moisture in regions where the flashing has been positioned. 

Rust or Corrosion

You should inspect your flashing regularly for any signs of rust, especially if it’s metal. Rust weakens its integrity, particularly around joints and edges. 

With proper installation and regular maintenance, your flashing will last a long time, regardless of your chosen type. For professional and reliable results, contact Shelby Roofing and Exteriors.