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What Is the Effect of Strong Winds on My Roof?

Many assume that storms without rain, snow, or hail do not cause much trouble. However, strong winds cause significant damage, especially when they exceed the limit favorable for your roof. If your area experiences these episodes of extreme weather, it is crucial that you partner with our experts at Shelby Roofing & Exteriors. We have years of experience repairing and maintaining all roofing situations and thus possess the necessary expertise to help you. We can provide you with a detailed analysis to help you know the next step to take. No matter how minor the damage seems, our trained eyes can assist in correcting them to prevent any future problems.

Loose and Missing Shingles

Strong winds mostly affect the shingles and can cause them to become loose or detach from the structure. Therefore, you should inspect your top for missing shingles after the harsh weather dies down. It is also possible to hear the loose ones shake as the wind blows past them. We recommend contacting our expert roofers to help you replace the missing ones and tighten all the rest.

Flying Items

When there are powerful winds, it is possible to find things blown from one place to another. Such instances lead to items falling on the roof, which may lead to cracks or breakages of the tiles or shingles. Metal roofs may also get dents or holes depending on the weight of the items falling on the top. Therefore, if you find huge things cluttering your roof after stormy weather, don’t hesitate to get in touch with expert assistance in removing them and inspecting them for damages.

Gutter Damage

Since the gutter system is part of your roof, it also gets affected by strong winds. You may find the water passage loosely hanging from its attachment or blocked by debris. You can remove the blockage using a rake, but you must be careful lest you cause more harm to the system. Call our Shelby Roofing & Exteriors experts to help fix the hanging or detached gutters to allow the excess water to drain properly.

Apart from the obvious top part of the roof, you should ensure you thoroughly inspect the structure with the help of an experienced roofer. Even if the shingles receive minimal impact, they may be at risk of getting completely blown off if they don’t get the required attention. With the help of our experts, you can safeguard your family and avoid expensive roofing replacements due to negligence.