The Layers of Roofing Materials on Your Roof

You’ll be surprised to learn that your roof consists of different layers working together to ensure your home stays dry and comfortable. Each layer performs a specific function without which¬† your roof may collapse requiring a full roof replacement. Let’s discuss these layers.

Roof Deck

Roof decking forms the innermost layer of the roof and works as the foundation from which other layers are stacked. It’s mostly made of oriented strand board or soft wood to provide warmth and general coziness. It is the primary structural support for the rest of the roof layers.


Underlayment is the second inner layer of the roof. It’s made from synthetic or waterproof materials to prevent water leakage from tiles or shingles. It’s a secret protector that helps keep the roof deck warm and from rotting.

Roofing Material

This is the outer layer that most people see and refer to as the roof. It can be made of shingles, metal, tiles, or a unique aesthetic material like a green living roof. It’s prudent to choose the best roofing material because the stronger this layer is, the more protection you get.

Roof Flashing

Flashing is a vital outer layer that prevents water leakage in places where the roof meets other structures like chimneys, vents, or skylights. It prevents water from seeping through inner layers. In case you may experience a problem with your flashing system, you can have a full roof replacement done by roofing and exterior experts in IL and Missouri.

Roof Vent

The ridge vent allows sufficient air circulation and is primarily the breathing system of your roof. It helps maintain and regulate moisture and temperature for a conducive environment. Mold and ice dams thrive in poorly ventilated roofs; hence, unrestricted airflow through your attic is imperative.

Its crucial to hire roofing experts like Shelby Roofing and Exteriors, with extensive knowledge about roofs to ensure you get the best roof that can withstand all extreme conditions. Understanding these layers of your roof may aid in helping you select the best roof for your home.