Common Roofing Problems and How to Handle Them Right Away

The Most Frequent Roofing Issues and How to Fix Them

Since snow, storms, cold, and other elements may enter a residence, it is crucial to the structure’s overall function to have a quality roof. With routine upkeep by Shelby Roofing & Exteriors, a quality roofing system should withstand environmental extremes. The roof will eventually develop problems just like the rest of the home. Roofing issues you ignore will only worsen and become more expensive to solve in the long run. Common roof problems include leaks, poor installation, clogged gutters, improper vents, and overcrowding trees.


Cracks or missing shingles are the most common causes of roof leaks. Usually, the roof starts leaking around the point where a chimney, vent, or dormer makes a hole. The professionals at Shelby Roofing & Exterior can locate the source of the leak and fix the damaged shingles for you. You can detect leaks by inspecting the ceiling for stains or mildew.

Poor Installation

Hiring experts to put up your roof is crucial. Shelby Roofing & Exteriors is home to a team of skilled, certified roofers committed to providing excellent customer service and quality roofing installations. Leaks, mold, and a shortened lifetime are just a few long-term consequences of sloppy roofing construction. You may avoid this issue by thoroughly researching the roofing contractor you want to hire.

Clogged Gutters

When gutters are clogged, most people don’t think about the consequences for the roof. When the rainwater cannot drain properly from the roof, it pools and might lead to problems with root growth. The leaks and mildew might occur if the water starts seeping in. Maintaining clean gutters via regular inspections is an easy way to avoid this issue. Cleaning up the debris during routine maintenance visits is another way a professional roofer may assist in stopping a problem from getting out of hand.

Inadequate Ventilation in the Roof

Most cases of roof failure result from improper roofing air circulation. Sheathing and shingles are damaged by excessive heat due to a lack of ventilation. Inadequate ventilation also promotes moisture buildup, which raises inside temperatures and causes the shingles to crack and blister. If you want to solve this problem and avoid damage, a roofing professional should inspect your vents.

Overcrowding Trees

Trees are great for nature, but not if they shorten the life of your roof. It is essential to keep your trees pruned so that their branches don’t rub against your roofing system and diminish its lifespan. 


Roofing inspection and repair services are necessary when issues arise. At Shelby Roofing & Exteriors, we have a staff of roofing repair specialists that combine decades of expertise with the required skills to provide you with the best roof repair services.