Undetectable Problems That Could Ruin a Commercial Roof

Commercial roofs are especially expensive to replace. While people tend to keep a vigilant eye on their commercial roof, there are a few problems that you can miss even with a regular moderate-level inspection. Many people don’t know how important maintenance is for commercial roofs. They tend to plan on making repairs as needed, but even light maintenance will dramatically improve the durability of your roof. Don’t wait till you notice a problem to contact a commercial roofing professional. And make sure to schedule periodic high-level inspections. These problems can destroy your roof, and they are nearly impossible to spot. 

Hail Damage

Many people check the perimeter of their roof after hail storms for debris and obvious damage. But hail can leave nearly invisible damage, and it’s extremely important to have someone take a close look from on top of the roof after hail. The hail can cause tiny punctures that will seep water in undetected. It may thin shingles or nearly puncture your roof materials and cause a leak in the near future that will contribute to rot. It can also damage the membrane of the roof, especially in cases of prolonged or heavy hail. You won’t always spot holes or missing shingles right away, but a close-up inspection can reveal a roof that won’t function for much longer. 

Tree Damage

Trees are usually a welcome sight on business properties. However, you should be very attentive to tree debris that will make its way onto the roof and into the gutters. Animals love to travel over roofs from trees as well. It’s important to keep your roof free from nests, nuts, extra leaves,  pine needles, and sticks. The roof can acquire invisible rot and mold underneath organic matter, and you likely won’t notice until a roof replacement is your only option. 

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