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Give It Some Air: The Importance of Roof Ventilation for Your Home

Roof vents make your home more comfortable and reduce the need for repairs. These vents come in many styles and keep air circulating through the attic. The extra air cools the roof and helps prevent mold growth. The heat that collects in the attic will escape through the top of the roof without the help of these vents. This highly inefficient process will keep the attic from cooling to the right temperature most of the time. Moisture can’t escape this way, so you’ll end up with a muggy attic and higher energy bills. Here’s what vents do. 

Vents Release Moisture and Prevent Indoor Mold

Most people don’t inspect their attic very often and don’t notice any mold growing for a long time. Roof vents will keep moisture out of your attic that develops over time. The whole house will have cleaner air, and your beams will stay strong longer. 

Vents Help Indoor Heat Escape and Preserve Shingles

Many people don’t think twice about how hot their attic and roof get. Overheated attics and roofs are one of the main causes of prematurely cracked shingles. Attics and roofs without vents will collect extra moisture as they heat up. Prolonged exposure to heat and moisture can damage sealing and waterproofing and shingles. Vents are the best way to avoid this situation.

Vents Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Keeping the attic cooler and drier is one of the best ways to reduce your energy use. You’ll also reduce long-term strain on your air conditioner. 

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